Crop Insurance Deadlines for 2024

Crop Insurance Deadlines for 2024

Crop Production Reporting Time

It is that time of year to report your corn and soybean production to your crop insurance agent in order to update your Actual Production History (APH).  Once completed, take time to review your crop insurance policy with your crop insurance agent to determine any changes needed going into the 2024 crop year. After inclement weather the last couple of years, it is especially important to take careful consideration of your policy for this year. Multi-peril crop insurance can provide you with both production and revenue guarantees.  It also has provisions for prevent plant and replanting. 

Sales Closing Deadline - March 15, 2024.

The deadline to apply, change, cancel, or transfer your multi-peril crop insurance policy is March 15, 2024. For more details, contact Mark Chilson at 715-672-2422. 

We also offer crop hail insurance for those interested in only being protected from hail, as well as a list of other crop insurance products including SCO, ECO, and Rainfall Index Insurance.