Crop Input Update

Crop Input Update

Article By: Thomas Hoffman, Provision Partners Cooperative

Crop year 2022 is already starting out to be memorable and the seed is not even in the ground! Crop nutrient prices are at or are very close to record high levels. Plant food prices have been increasing since late summer and fall of 2021 and haven't stopped. Many of us wondered if we would see some softening of prices as we approach spring only to see it do the exact opposite. The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has made crop nutrient prices only increase rather than stabilize or even soften as had hoped. At this time, we do not see plant food softening for the spring planting season. We are too close to the heavy spring demand and some inventories of products have been relatively snug all winter and continue to be that way. Applications of plant food and planting are happening in the southern states as spring demand goes into high gear. Continued strong commodity prices are helping fuel demand. With continued strong commodity prices and a good growing season, good crop production economics will work out.

Some crop protection products have been in tight supply going all the way back to the 2021 application season. Some products, such as glyphosate, were relatively tight in 2021 and have never improved. Various excuses have been used for this situation such as supply chain management, lack of raw ingredients, along with other excuses. Nonetheless, there may be some tight inventories of some select products and some just in time shipments and deliveries. We feel there will be enough products to achieve control of selected pest, but producers may have to be open to utilizing some different products or management approaches. The agronomy staff at Provision Partners Cooperative can help you through this decision process if adjustments are necessary. Please be proactive with our staff and your acres as you work to achieve pest control.

Seed supplies are adequate. As with most years, select varieties can become tight or sold out. Please don't wait to select the best genetics for your operation. We feel we should have enough small seed and small grains for 2022, but the drought of 2021 in seed producing regions did have a direct negative effect on inventories of some seed items. Again, don't wait until the last minute for your selections.

We hope everyone has a safe and productive spring planting season. Feel free to ask the agronomy staff of Provision Partners Cooperative if we can assist you with your needs so you can have a productive and profitable 2022 growing season.

Thomas Hoffman is the Agronomy Division manager for Provision Partners Cooperative. For more information, call 715-652-2300.