Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Do more of what is impactful for your business. We will serve your cash management and concierge banking needs.

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Cash Management

Knowing where your money is and being able to move it to the right places at the right time is key to your business success. This can be easier said than done. It takes time, can be complex, and sometimes effective management of cash takes a back seat to getting the real work done.

With SFB's cash management service, we'll help you:

  • Easily manage multiple accounts
  • Control account access
  • Set transaction account limits
  • Smoothly transfer money internally and externally
  • Originate ACH transactions
  • Manage direct deposit or payroll
  • Conduct secure wire transfers
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Remote Deposit

Benefit from a remote deposit service installation at your business. Begin significantly improving your cash flow, eliminating the cost and personal liability of regular trips to the bank, reducing paperwork associated with deposits and transfers, and consolidating funds from remote locations to one bank.

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Fraud Detection Tools

Implement automated fraud detection tools from SFB. These services match check and/or debits clearing your account against your listing of authorized checks written and/or approved ACH companies.

Positive Pay Services
With this Treasury Management tool, you'll have peace of mind knowing that only checks matching your issued check file are automatically paid. All other checks presented for payment must receive authorization or may be rejected by your business to prevent check fraud.

ACH Filtering Services
Ensure your business checking account isn't used for unauthorized ACH transactions. Input a listing of all your approved ACH debit/credit companies. With an ACH filter, you will have the control to allow certain ACH debits or credits to post to your account, while at the same time excluding other debits or credits from posting.

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Sweep Services

Put excess cash balances to work for you. Cash is one of your most important resources, so don't let it sit idly in a checking account. Our sweep services let you earn interest or pay down interest — making your money work for you.

Sweep services can be set-up between depository accounts or lines of credit. You can choose to set up Zero Balance Accounts (checking accounts that maintain a balance of zero) or Target Balance Accounts (checking accounts that maintain a designated balance) at the end of each day.

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Merchant Services

SFB partners with Elavon Merchant Services to provide exceptional experiences for your customers.

Flexible Payment Gateway Options
Gain the ability to authorize payments online, in-store, and via mobile.

Point of Sale (POS) Solutions
Run your business better with a turnkey POS system that can scale with your business.

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FDIC Insurance Coverage

IntraFi® Network Deposits
Benefit from full FDIC insurance on deposits larger than $250,000. We provide FDIC insurance opportunities through both the Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS) and IntraFi Network programs.

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I have never felt as good about a lender as I do about SFB.

— Marieke Penterman
Owner of Marieke Gouda

SFB Treasury Management services have enhanced our operational abilities and have allowed for us to make real-time decisions and transactions.

— Alex Bolle
Controller - Productive Living Systems

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More than Just Your Banker

We understand that prompt attention to your needs is critical. At SFB, we are here to serve our treasury management clients with a dedicated banking contact.

Melinda Derks

Eau Claire

Melinda Derks
Treasury Relationship Manager

Email  |  715-629-4083

Sarah Rentz

Eau Claire

Sarah Rentz
Cash Management Specialist

Email  |  715-568-6330

Deirdre Tumm

All Locations

Deirdre Tumm
Senior Treasury Management Officer

Email  |  715-930-7025