Credit Cards

Debit, Credit, and Prepaid Cards

An SFB debit or credit card can be convenient and rewarding tool for paying expenses. Choose one that fits your lifestyle best!

Credit Cards

Get Rewarded
Enjoy a full range of reward options depending on the card you choose.

Track Expenses
When managed correctly, credit cards can be a great tool for budgeting as you are able to see all your monthly expenses.

Emergencies Happen
Don't worry about draining your account when the unexpected occurs. As long as you pay off your balance before your bill is due, you won't pay interest on your credit card purchases.

No need to carry cash – especially when traveling.

Report a Lost or Stolen VISA® Card
Call 800-558-3424. For specialized assistance, please refer to the phone number on your most recent statement.

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Debit Cards

  • Cards printed the same day at many of our locations through Instant Issue.
  • Create rules to track and control where your card can be used through MyCardRules.
  • Choose a traditional SFB card or select one of our mascot debit cards and support a local high school (Alma Center, Black River Falls, Bloomer, Durand and Ladysmith).
  • Free with a Security Checking, Security Plus Checking, and Security Interest Checking account. Learn more.

Change your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Call 888-891-2435

Report a Lost or Stolen Mastercard® Debit Card
Call 866-546-8273

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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are accepted anywhere Visa® is accepted.

Access Cards
Access cards are a great budgeting tool for teens. They can also be used to access cash (fees apply).

  • Initial load amount $10 - $5,000; activation fee $5.95
  • Reload up to $5,000 per month; reload fee of $4.95
  • Card balance cannot exceed $10,000

Gift Cards
A perfect gift for any occasion, gift cards are a one-time use card with no cash access.

  • Load amount $10-$500; activation fee $4.95

Report a Lost or Stolen Prepaid Visa® Card
Call 800-486-0252

Digital Wallet
Fee-Free ATM Locations

Debit Card Management

Take full control of your SFB card.

Card Management is an easy-to-use feature on the SFB mobile app that lets you set card controls, add restrictions, and receive transaction alerts. Download the SFB app to get started. Learn more.