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Monday, May 20
Do you plan on using your debit card on an upcoming trip? Be sure to call the SFB Call Center at 888-254-0615 to let us know the dates and places you will be traveling. Your debit card will not work outside the U.S. unless you notify us before you travel. It's also a good idea to let us know if you will be traveling outside of Wisconsin or Minnesota. Why? In order to protect your debit card, the Fraud Center looks for suspicious activity. Purchasing items out of the area may trigger an alert, and the Fraud Center may deny the transactions. (If you will be using your credit card outside of the U.S., call the number on the back of the card.)

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The personal relationship component is important to how we operate our business…that is how SFB operates as well. I know that SFB has my best interest at heart, and we really are a partnership.

Terry Townsend, Vital Plastics


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