Loans for Insurance Agencies

Financing for Independent Insurance Agencies

At SFB, we understand the nuances of the insurance industry and provide perpetuation loans for insurance agents throughout the Midwest.

We specialize in independent insurance agency financing for both large and small acquisitions. Whether you want to acquire another agency, buy out one or multiple partners, or refinance existing debt, we will work with you to determine the best structure of financing.

Acquisition Financing

SFB has experience in financing a variety of agency acquisitions, including both large and small acquisitions throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Each situation is unique, so getting to know each other and understanding your goals is the first step. The numbers matter, but banking and insurance are still people businesses. We start with the relationship.

Partner Buyout

Whether you want to buy out one or multiple partners, we will work with you to determine the best structure for financing. Not only must you consider the right amount of the buyout, it is imperative to structure a financing package that makes sense and is affordable to your agency.


We can help you evaluate whether it makes sense to refinance your agency debt or consolidate debt. It will not only simplify your balance sheet, but it could reduce your monthly payment.

Producer Loans

Hiring a new producer doesn't always come with instantaneous positive cash flow. It might take two to three years for the new producer to generate results. To help your cash flow during these early lean years, SFB can provide a producer loan to help fund your initial cash outlay.

Technology Loans

It can be challenging for an independent insurance agent to keep up with changes in technology, especially dealing with numerous carriers. SFB can help you upgrade your systems with a technology loan to bridge the gap between your initial investment and the efficiency gains realized down the road.

Real Estate & Lines of Credit

You may have an existing real estate loan that has a higher-than-market rate or payments that are too high. Refinancing could improve both cash flow and net income. In addition, you may want to consider a line of credit to use in your business for purchases that are unique to your agency.

SFB understands the complexities of the insurance industry. This expertise is hard to find. We are fortunate to have a knowledgeable team right here in Wisconsin.

— Matt Banaszynski
Chief Executive Officer of Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

My family business and I have been with SFB for several years and wouldn't change a thing. I appreciate the professional nature of how my business is handled, and I enjoy the relationship I have with my personal banker.

— Misty Bolier
Owner of B&B Insurance Services

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The SFB Loan Process

We like to get to know one another first in order to gain a better understanding of how we might best be able to help you. We will then gather financial information, identify your needs and customize financing to meet your unique situation. Knowing how precious time is, we work diligently throughout the loan application process with a sense of urgency. We will communicate with you every step of the way. Learn more.

More than Just Your Banker

Consider us your trusted advisor. We'll support you through the life of your loan -- performing annual financial analyses and providing recommendations to continue improving your agency. We understand that prompt attention to your needs is critical. At SFB, we are here to serve our insurance agency clients with a dedicated banking team that specializes in insurance agency financing.

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