Your Business Could Benefit with Treasury Management

Your Business Could Benefit with Treasury Management

Treasury management or cash management is a broad term to describe a suite of solutions banks offer to help businesses facilitate the movement of cash and protect cash flow. These tools along with an experienced Treasury Management Team improve processes for any size business.

Security Financial Bank is pleased to introduce Melinda Derks to the department as a treasury relationship manager. Along with Deirdre Tumm and Sarah Rentz, Melinda will strengthen the Treasury Management Department with her client relations efforts and many years of cash management experience.

SFB offers treasury management services that provide effective cash flow management and concierge banking services. Some of the services we provide include: 

Remote Deposit Machine - Install a remote deposit service at your business. This will remove the need for regular trips to the bank and will consolidate funds from remote locations to one bank. In addition to a physical scanner, an mRDC allows for business clients to scan and deposit checks via their mobile device.

Positive Pay Services - This tool prevents check fraud by verifying the checks match your issued check file. Other checks must receive authorization before being paid. 

ACH Filtering Services - Control ACH transactions in your business checking account by allowing approved debit/credit companies to post to your account and excluding unapproved transactions from posting. 

Sweep Services - Make your money work for you. Sweep services are set up between depository accounts or lines of credit and let you earn interest or pay down interest.

To learn how your business could benefit from these services, contact a member of our Treasury Management Team.

Deirdre Tumm, Sr. Treasury Management Officer: • 715.930.7025

Melinda Derks, Treasury Relationship Manager: mderks@sfbank.com715.629.4083

Sarah Rentz, Cash Management Specialist: 715.568.6330