Is Equipment Leasing Right for Your Business?

Is Equipment Leasing Right for Your Business?

Can your business benefit from leasing equipment instead of buying? With our partnership with BB Community Leasing Services, Security Financial Bank (SFB) is able to lease various types of equipment to your business for no downpayment and no interest throughout the term.

Common Industries

SFB leases to industries including agriculture, manufacturing, construction, municipals, and schools. These companies lease farm equipment, new technology, cranes, heavy machinery, commercial vehicles and more.

Access to New or Used Equipment

Businesses can choose to lease new or used equipment. This is an ideal solution for keeping up with the latest technology in evolving industries. No need to be stuck with obsolete equipment after a few years of purchasing.

Cash Flow

Leasing improves your business's cash flow by impacting your financials less than buying new equipment would. The cost of the equipment is spread out over the lease term rather than all in upfront costs.

Flexible Lease Term 

SFB offers flexible term agreements with an accordion feature that allows you to increase or decrease your payment during the lease term depending on the need for tax shelter. 

We encourage you to speak with an SFB lender to find out how we can meet your leasing needs.