Five Benefits to a Municipal Lease

Five Benefits to a Municipal Lease

A growing number of municipalities and school districts are using leases to acquire assets of all types and classifications, including vehicles, equipment, hardware, software, and more. There are multiple benefits to using a municipal lease instead of purchasing outright or using a municipal bond.

Before making your next purchase, consider the following benefits of leasing:

  1. Easy - Leasing is easy when you are working with experts who will guide you through the process.

  2. Fast - Purchase essential equipment without delays due to capital appropriations.

  3. Cost-effective - Avoid the costs associated with referendums or bonding. Only annual payments are included in annual budgets. 

  4. Tax-exempt Rates - Pay low interest on fixed rates for the full term of the lease.

  5. Flexible - When budgets and resources change, payment installments can be modified.

Security Financial Bank will partner with BB Community Leasing Services, Inc. to assist you with any complex municipal leasing projects. More information is available here. For more information, we encourage you to speak with an SFB commercial lender today.