How an Active Social Media Presence Can Help Grow Your Business

How an Active Social Media Presence Can Help Grow Your Business

For small businesses, a social media presence is essential for promoting their brand. According to Meta, 200 million businesses have Facebook pages on the platform. However, many of these businesses are not fully utilizing the social platform to advance their marketing efforts. Committing to a social media strategy requires effort, but as statistics demonstrate, a strong social media presence can have a profound effect on your business.

Consider the following:

  • Your Audience is Online: Facebook is still the most popular social media for a business. There are three billion monthly active users. Facebook is followed by Instagram with two billion monthly users and TikTok with one and a half billion monthly users. You will miss out on many potential customers by not having an active presence on any of these platforms.
  • A Bang for Your Buck: Advertising on Facebook distributes ads to all Meta networks, including Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger, Instagram Shop, and more. The average cost per click is $1.72, which is a higher ROI than other digital or print strategies can offer. There are a variety of ways to target your ideal audience, making it easy to get your ads in front of the right people. 
  • Brand Recognition: Online recognition is so important in the digital age. Your page on Facebook, Instagram, and especially TikTok shows the personality of your brand and lets your audience connect with you more. Based on a 2023 consumer poll, 90% of people say they buy from the brands they follow on social media. When you make authentic connections with your customers, it helps to make your brand accessible. In addition, 53% of consumers indicate they are more likely to shop from a business they can easily message on a social media site.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site: Increase your website visits by sharing content on your social media pages that link to your web content. More traffic to your website will facilitate Google in ranking your site higher on the search engine results page. People visit social media sites looking for new products. Take that audience and convert them into your customers. Research shows that 55% of consumers discover new businesses on social media, while 81% of Instagram users search Instagram for new products and services.

An active and deliberate social media strategy is cost-effective and can go from just existing to thriving for your business. If you are a small business owner looking for assistance in the growth process, contact SFB to see how we can help you with any financing needs. Call us at 888.254.0615.


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