Go Paperless with eStatements

Go Paperless with eStatements

Sign up for eStatements and receive your SFB statements through your online and mobile banking account instead of through the mail each month. Here are some of the benefits of switching to eStatements:

Look Forward and Look Back
You can look forward to receiving your bank statement the day after the statement period ends. You will receive an email letting you know when your bank statement is ready to view. It's a lot easier (and faster) than waiting at the mailbox. When you enroll, the system will start accumulating statements each month. Statements are available online for a 12-month rolling basis. However, they can be saved and stored for future use. This feature is very convenient for managing your finances around tax time.

Less Clutter, More Secure
Reduce the clutter of the paper statements filling up your cabinets each month. With eStatements, you can retire the filing cabinet stuffed with years of documents and know that your information is securely stored online. The eStatement information is safe in your account for only you to view. This will also help reduce the risk of identity theft through mail fraud.

Sign Up Today
Email customerservice@sfbank.com to register for eStatements or self-enroll through your online banking account.