Types of Identity Theft

Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information and uses it to commit fraud under your name. This serious crime can wreak havoc on your finances, credit history, and reputation. There are serval types of identity theft, a few are listed below:

Tax-related Identity Theft - An identity thief may use your Social Security number to get a job, apply for government benefits, or take your tax refund.

Financial Identity Theft - An identity thief may use your information to open bank or credit card accounts, apply for loans or utility services, or rent a place to live.

Medical Identity Theft - An identity thief may use your health insurance information to see a doctor, get prescription drugs, or file claims with your insurance provider.

Follow these tips if you believe that you are the victim of identity theft:

  • Change all your passwords.
  • Contact all affected organizations.
  • Close or freeze all compromised accounts.
  • Contact the authorities.

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