Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Shop Safely This Holiday Season

December is the biggest retail month of the year. In the rush of purchasing, do not forget to be aware of online shopping scams. The security tips below will help reduce the likelihood of your information falling into the wrong hands and ensure that you have a more hassle-free shopping experience this holiday season.

Be Wary of Emails

  • Resist the urge to open unexpected emails right away. Check the email address and not just the name that appears to make sure the sender is legitimate.
  • Be cautious when emails look too good to be true. They may be scams to get your information.

Shop Safely

Browse sites that are well-known, legitimate, and secure. While shopping and making payments, verify the following:

  • The internet connection is secure. If you are required to provide a password to access a Wi-Fi network, this will indicate that the communication between your device and the wireless router is encrypted.
  • Payment sites have SSL protection, i.e., the URL should begin with "HTTPS." Avoid making any payments to sites that do not have the "s" after the "HTTP."
  • The site has a "lock" (padlock symbol) in the URL bar. This means the website is secure, i.e., the information between your browser and the server is encrypted

Verify What You Are Buying

  • Make sure you're clear about what you are buying and what you are paying for.
  • If in doubt about the site, search the company name to verify the authenticity.

Monitor Your Credit Cards

  • Keep track of your credit cards and account balances, especially during the holiday season.
  • Monitor your transactions to make sure they are valid. 
  • If something looks suspicious, reach out to the customer service departments of the credit card companies and/or banks involved by contacting their toll-free number, email, or chat services.

Call SFB's Customer Service Team at 888.254.0615 or send a message through our mobile app to discuss any suspicious activity on your bank account.