Damages to Your Home?

Damages to Your Home?

If your property was recently damaged and you submitted a claim to your insurance company, below is helpful information to guide you through the process. 


Your insurance company will send you a check for the claim. The check will be made out to you and Security Financial Bank. Everyone on the check needs to sign before delivering it to SFB.

  • Bring or mail the endorsed check to your branch.

  • Include a copy of your Adjustor's Report.

  • Include contractor bid(s) with the amount of funds they require to start repairs.

  • Complete the Declaration of Intent to Repair form.


Depending on the amount of your claim, the funds may be placed in a savings account with funds held until repairs have been completed.

A portion of the funds will be released upon receipt of the above documentation.

The amount will depend upon the amount of your claim and the amount required by your contractor(s). The check will be made out to you and your contractor.

The remaining amount of your funds will be released once repairs are complete and verification of the repairs has occurred.  

A statement of completion also will need to be completed and returned to SFB. 

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