Protecting Your Farm from Activitists

Protecting Your Farm from Activitists

Article By: Mark Chilson

Farm security is not always top of mind for producers; however, activists will go to great lengths to portray production agriculture negatively, ranging from gaining employment with the intent to record misleading videos, trespassing, and holding large-scale protests at farms.

Here are few tips to help to protect your farm from unwanted negative attention:

Monitor Who Enters the Premises
Anyone entering your farm should have a valid reason for doing so. For those whom you do not recognize, question their reasons for entering and do not let them wander the premises unattended. Pay attention to strange vehicles and get license plate numbers if available.

Carefully Evaluate Inquires and Information Requests
Gather as much information as possible about who is requesting the information. Do not be afraid to question the reason for the inquiry. A response in writing will provide a paper trail of what information was given to outside parties.

Hiring Tips
Ask for the applicant's previous farm experience and follow-up with former employers and references. During the interview, watch for answers that seem overly rehearsed or include incorrect usage of farm terminology. Search applicant's social media profile and look for questionable content or connections to activist organizations. Provide training and oversight to make sure employees are following a pre-established standard for animal care.