Roll Your Retirement Account into an Annuity

Roll Your Retirement Account into an Annuity

Do you need to roll over your 401(k) but don't want to risk losing money in the stock market? Consider a fixed annuity or fixed indexed annuity.

Security Financial Bank (SFB) now offers annuities through a wide array of A-rated insurance companies. When determining if an annuity is right for you, consider the following benefits:

  1. Guaranteed Returns - When investing in a fixed or fixed index annuity, you are guaranteed a minimum rate of return. 
  2. Guaranteed Income - A major concern of retirees today is outliving their savings.  A guaranteed income annuity can provide the ability to receive an ongoing stream of retirement income for life - regardless of how long that may be.  Although defined benefit pension plans may be disappearing, a guaranteed income annuity offers you clarity by providing a long-term income guarantee and providing you and/or your spouse with the surety of a retirement paycheck for life
  3. Flexibility - There is flexibility in the interest strategies you choose to build your savings. You can revisit the strategies at the end of every one-year term. In the event that your circumstances change and you need to access your funds early, there is a 10 percent penalty free withdrawal allowance per contract year.
  4. Tax Deferred Growth - Tax on your annuity is deferred while your annuity grows. You will be taxed only when you withdraw money from the account.
  5. Protection from Loss - The contributions made to your annuity are 100 percent protected from market losses. 

To learn more about fixed or fixed index annuities and whether this product is right for you, meet with a member of our Insurance Team. Contact Mark Chilson at or at 888.254.0615. 

Equal Opportunity Provider. Insurance products offered are not a deposit, not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, not guaranteed by any financial institution, may lose value.