Meet Our Insurance Lending Team

Meet Our Insurance Lending Team

At Security Financial Bank (SFB), we are serious about our commitment to the insurance industry. That's why we assembled a team dedicated to understanding the nuances of the insurance industry in order to best serve the banking needs of our insurance agency clients. Collectively, the team has well over 100 years of banking experience including many years of expertise in the insurance field.

Meet SFB's Insurance Lending Team:

John Lisowski uses his 30 years of expertise to assist SFB business clients with commercial loans, working capital financing, and small business financing. He specializes in business acquisition financing, succession financing and financing for insurance agencies.

As a leader on SFB's Insurance Lending Team, Curt Van Auken has been in banking for more than 45 years and has personal experience with an agency acquisition. He served five years as president of a Minnesota-based bank and its insurance agency. The agency was successfully sold. Using the knowledge he gained through this experience combined with his industry knowledge, over the years Curt has helped numerous insurance agents with their banking needs, including acquisitions, buyouts, and refinancing projects.

Kimberly Bunce brings a fresh perspective to the team. She has really embraced the insurance industry and enjoys networking with the many professionals in the industry. Early on in her tenure with SFB, she was involved with a complicated, ever-changing partner buyout that morphed into a partner buydown over a five-year period. Since then, she has successfully assisted many insurance clients with financing for acquisitions, perpetuation plans, debt consolidation, real estate purchases, and refinances. 

Our newest member, Krista Paulus has expertise in commercial lending and both state and federal loan programs and guarantees. Working close to the Minnesota border in River Falls, she specializes in finding the best solution to our Minnesotan clients' agency needs.  

Deirdre Tumm has 20 years of banking experience.  Deirdre's specialty is in cash management.  She has used her expertise to help seamlessly guide our insurance agency clients with their depository needs and specialized business services.  Some of those services include remote deposit capture, positive pay, and ACH services. She brings value to our insurance agency clients as she implements products and services that provide direct benefits to their agencies.

A host of SFB employees, including our primary insurance analyst, Cole Crabb, backs the team. We've learned that insurance agencies are unique and not just like any average operating company. SFB utilizes Cole's precise knowledge in order to underwrite agencies properly. He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and has five years in the industry including underwriting several complicated insurance agency deals.

What all of our team members enjoy the most is helping our insurance agency clients fulfill their dreams. If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming project, feel free to contact Curt, Kimberly, Krista, or Deirdre at 888-254-0615. Whether it is to verify you are on the right track with your current financial institution or if you just want to explore another option, we are more than happy to provide you advice.


This article originally appeared in the Wisconsin Independent Agent March 2021 Magazine.