The Importance of a Relationship with Your Financial Institution

The Importance of a Relationship with Your Financial Institution

Article By: Deirdre Tumm

As a valued insurance agent, you realize the importance of building a strong relationship with your clients. The same can be said about your financial institution. Is your banker placing the same importance on your relationship as you do with your insurance clients?

Any strong relationship with your financial ally should always include trust, strong communication, honesty, openness, and mutual respect.  Relationships are built over time with continued communication and follow-up. Your relationship with your financial institution should not feel just transactional.

Openness and honesty in the relationship between an agency and its financial partner are stepping stones in the building of trust and the strong relationship that both parties desire.

Ask yourself:

  • How often is your financial partner in communication with you?
  • Do you feel confident in bringing general financial questions and concerns to your financial partner? 
  • Do you believe your financial partner understands the nuances of the insurance industry?

If your banker isn't putting as much time into your relationship as you deserve, then maybe it's time to find a different financial partner who will value your partnership and understand your industry's nuances.

Deirdre Tumm is the senior treasury management officer for Security Financial Bank, a Wisconsin financial institution that specializes in lending to insurance agencies. Deirdre uses her cash management expertise to seamlessly guide SFB's insurance agency clients with their depository needs and specialized business services. Some of those services include remote deposit capture, Positive Pay, and ACH services. For more information, contact Deirdre at 888.254.0615 or