Utilizing Automation to Offset Labor Concerns

Utilizing Automation to Offset Labor Concerns

Article By: Jim Felling of Midwest Livestock Systems

The U.S. labor market is experiencing unprecedented concerns with a lack of employees to fill job vacancies. This has created competition between businesses for talent which has driven wages and benefits higher for all sectors of the economy. The agriculture economy has not been immune to this pressure.

These pressures and increases to variable costs have prompted dairy producers to explore options to replace employees in the parlor with automation. One such option is the use of an automated teat dip system. This article will highlight the Udder Mister 1.0 developed by Future Cow. This system is a fully automated pre-dip or post-dip teat sprayer. It has applications for both rotary and walkover systems.

There are multiple benefits of implementing this system. It is compatible with most standard teat dips and automatically sprays teats prior to milking or after milking clusters are removed. Producers can interchange spray tips to customize coverage area as well as the amount of dip used. The system allows for control and adjustment of spray position, dwell time and speed to accommodate varying conditions. Sensors within the unit detect for empty stalls to avoid product waste.

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, there are also costs savings. This system eliminates one labor position per milking shift. Producers can expect a full return on investment in six months. The udder mister fully coats the teats to protect from mastitis causing bacteria; further saving you treatment costs and employee labor.

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