Ways We Go Above and Beyond to Catch Fraud

Ways We Go Above and Beyond to Catch Fraud

Keeping your confidential financial data secure is a top priority at Security Financial Bank (SFB). You can be assured that we take great safety measures to prevent fraud and keep your financial information secure.

Here's How We Protect Your Information:

  • We maintain high-security standards on our systems and continually research additional controls for protection.
  • We continuously monitor our security protocols to keep customers’ money and information safe. We lock down bill payment to foreign countries and transactions with states outside of the Midwest. Please contact our Customer Service Team to set up travel notes to avoid this lock if you will be conducting business or traveling outside of the Midwest.
  • We apply a layered approach to security, which helps defeat attempts to compromise our systems. This means if one line of defense is compromised there are multiple additional layers that ensure that the threats are stopped.
  • We work closely with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and auditors to stay current with industry standards for fraud prevention.
  • We apply industry standard encryption methods to protect customer data provided for account opening and maintenance. We have a file upload feature on our website for securely sending information to bankers.
  • Security alerts are communicated through our website, as well as to our online banking customers via secure messaging.
  • Our online banking and mobile apps utilize auto logout after a period of inactivity.
  • Our Treasury Management Department offers automated fraud detection tools to businesses. If you are interested in services like Positive Pay and ACH Filtering Services, learn more here: Treasury Management | Security Financial Bank (sfbank.com).

What You Can Do:

Being informed is the best way to prevent and protect yourself from fraud. Take advantage of the resources we offer our customers.

  • MyCardRules is a safe and secure feature that allows you to set account rules, restrictions, and alerts to your SFB debit card. For example, you can turn your SFB card on and off, create spending limits, and receive alerts on certain types of transactions. Manage your card in the SFB app and set alerts that work best for you.
  • Add your SFB card to the digital wallet on your phone. It is a safe place to store your card information and pay in person and online. Your actual card number is not stored when you make a purchase. The app uses a separate token account number when used to make purchases.
  • View our resources page to discover cybersecurity tips, new products, and educational articles. Resources for You | Security Financial Bank (sfbank.com)
  • Remember, you can call our Customer Service Team at 888.254.0615 or send a message through our mobile app to discuss any suspicious activity on your bank account.