The Importance of a Dedicated Financial Team

The Importance of a Dedicated Financial Team

Article By: Deirdre Tumm

Consider the value of a team. Even at an individual level - be it athletics, sole-member owned businesses, or educators leading a classroom - behind the scenes a team is still relied upon to ensure that success is attained as a whole.

Consider your own team.  Who are the vital team members who ultimately allow you to do what you do best?  Is there a common goal shared?  When it comes to meeting and exceeding the needs of your fans, clients, students, employees, who are your integral team members ensuring that collectively you come out on top? 

Security Financial Bank (SFB) is proud to have grown our Insurance Niche Team in support of the insurance agencies we serve. This team shares in the growth and development of our organization's insurance niche.  As a team, we are committed to furthering our education on the insurance industry in effort to provide value to our clients. It's our priority to meet and exceed the needs of our insurance agency clients while offering a specialized concierge banking service. We are a group of dedicated banking professionals available at our client's fingertips.  

What does your current financial team look like? When you need to reach a banking professional who understands the insurance business and is readily available to serve your banking needs who can you turn to? Do you have a team of advisors and allies or just an automated answering system?  Does your team emphasize a sense of urgency when dedicating themselves to your banking question or are you finding yourself waiting days for a response?  Do you have a specialized banking team in partnership with you and your agency - a team dedicated to you and your team?

Learn more about how SFB might be a good fit for your insurance agency team. Financing for Independent Insurance Agencies | Security Financial Bank (

Deirdre Tumm is the senior treasury management officer for Security Financial Bank. Deirdre uses her cash management expertise to seamlessly guide SFB's insurance agency clients with their depository needs and specialized business services. Some of those services include remote deposit capture, Positive Pay, and ACH services.