Tips for Secure Travel

Tips for Secure Travel

Planning a vacation? Don't let your debit card leave you stranded while you travel this summer. Be sure to call the SFB Call Center to let us know the dates and places you will be traveling before you leave. 

Your SFB debit card will not work outside the United States unless you notify us before you travel. It's also a good idea to let us know if you will be traveling outside of the Midwest. To keep your accounts safe, the Fraud Center looks for suspicious activity with transactions. Purchasing items out of the area you regularly reside may trigger an alert, and the Fraud Center may deny the transactions. 

Contact Us

To let us know when you will be traveling, contact SFB Customer Service at 888.254.0615, or you can add a travel notice in the mobile app in the card management area. 

Add Alerts

You can set additional card controls, add restrictions, and receive transaction alerts also in card management of mobile banking. This will enable you to turn your card on and off if you misplace it while traveling. You also can get instant alerts on certain types of transactions to review purchases.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 888.254.0615.