Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

With all the uncertainties in farming today, SFB can help protect your farm from a wide range of perils.

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

Protect your farm's cropping operation from a wide range of perils, such as drought, excess moisture, insects, disease, and more.

Forage Production Insurance

Protect an established stand of alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mixture, or red clover against yield loss due to adverse weather, including winter kill, fire, wildlife damage, plant disease, or insect damage.

Crop-Hail Insurance

Protect your crops against losses from hail, certain fire, and transportation on an acre-by-acre basis at the level you choose up to the value of the crop.

Rainfall Index Insurance

Protect your operation from the risks of forage loss due to the lack of precipitation.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection Insurance

Protect against the loss of revenue that you expect to earn or will obtain from commodities you produce or purchase for resale.

Margin Protection Insurance

Protect your operation from an unexpected decrease in operating margin caused by reduced county yields, reduced commodity prices, or increased prices of certain inputs.

Forward Contract Insurance

Protect your crop from the beginning! With this insurance, you'll be able to take advantage of the market conditions as they happen.

RPowerD™ Insurance

Establish a higher net revenue trigger and bushel trigger available to those who buy individual plans of insurance. Our supplemental RPowerD product gives you the opportunity for more revenue than insuring with Revenue Protection alone.

MPowerD™ Insurance

Complement the risk coverage of margin protection insurance through additional crop price discovery methods beyond those offered under the margin protection insurance plan.

NAU Easyrev™ Insurance

Complement the risk coverage of revenue policies through additional price discovery methods beyond those offered under the MPCI plans of insurance.

Enhance Coverage Option

Enhanced Coverage Option is an area based supplemental shallow loss coverage that offers bands of coverage from 86% up to 90% or from 86% up to 95%.

Equal Opportunity Provider. Insurance products offered are: not a deposit, not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, not guaranteed by any financial institution, may lose value.

Protect Your Crops from the Unexpected
Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Can Help Protect You


As a SFB insurance customer, you are eligible to receive any of these complimentary services.

  • Opening Bell: Start your day with a morning call on daily commodity updates.
  • The Market Report: Receive a daily email highlighting futures and cash markets.
  • The AfterMath: Review the previous day's USDA report, as well as other market and revenue topics.
  • EASYview Weather: Verify and locate recent hail events in your field.
  • Farmer Portal: Manage your crop insurance policy and claim information.

Bankers Who Believe in You

Our licensed crop insurance agents have many years of experience helping farmers manage risks with a variety of different crop insurance plans.

Jenny Jereczek


Jenny Jereczek

Director of Ag & Commercial Banking & Market President - Durand

Email  |  715-672-2427

Mark Chilson


Mark Chilson

Insurance Sales Manager

Email  |  888-254-0615