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Will Your Bank Be There for You?

Monday, January 14

Security Financial Bank (SFB) has supported farmers for almost 90 years - since the bank started in Durand, WI in 1934. Today, farmers are 25 percent of SFB's customer base. Throughout our history, the farm community has been a big part of who we are; and though the industry continues to experience economic difficulty, we hope to have the agricultural community continue to be a significant part of our future.

A question probably going through many farmers' minds is whether their bank will be there for them when they have a financial need. The answer to this question lies largely in the relationship that the farmer has with their advisors. During times of struggle, the honest communication between the bank and the farmer is most important. Part of the bank's role is to help a client solve problems, much like a doctor does when a patient is ill. To do so, the customer should welcome questions from the bank, so that a proper diagnosis occurs. These questions should lead to deep discovery on various issues and provide answers on cash flow, collateral and what may happen in the future, given different scenarios. It is also valuable to have the customer meet together with both the bank and accountant. When this occurs, better solutions to problems result.

At the end of the day, the bank and the farmer are partners. In any partnership, especially when there are challenges, honest communication is key. We value your business and look forward to continuing our relationship into the New Year.